Bengaluru, 22 September 2023: The country is already reeling from BJP’s dangerous politics of sowing poison among the people through hate speech and thus gaining votes. It is a tragedy that the poison of communal hatred that the BJP was spreading on the streets has now reached the Parliament. BSP Party MP Danish Ali was called a terrorist by BJP MP Bidhuri in Parliament itself is a most unforgivable and reprehensible act. Abdul Majeed, the State President of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), has demanded through his press release that Bidhuri should be dismissed from the post of MP immediately.

Parliament has dignity. People of the country are closely observing what their elected representatives are doing and talking. Every single word from such a sacred and responsible position affects the entire country. Regardless of that, it must be said that the BJP MP unleashing his usual rampant communal hatred from there is an indelible black mark in the history of Parliament. Majeed expressed outrage that senior BJP leader Harsh Vardhan, who was listening to such disgusting words, was indirectly justifying those words by laughing, which is proof that the BJP deliberately encourages such vileness.

BJP MP Bidhuri has not only called MP Danish Ali a terrorist but has also spoken disparagingly about the entire Muslim community. The Speaker has washed his hands off the issue by only giving a warning to the misbehaving MP. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, a senior BJP leader who was present in the House, tried to undermine the issue with just a regretful statement. The BJP MP should be sacked for such despicable behavior. Also, the Prime Minister should apologize to the people of the country from the Parliament itself. Majeed said in his statement that otherwise there is a danger that Parliament, which is the grand panchayat of India’s democracy, will lose its respect in the coming days

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