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Ideological Party For Youth Generation

  • Eradication Of Corruption

    Accountability, Corporate Corruption

  • Democracy

    Social Inclusion, State-Centre relations and reorganization of states, Proportional Representation, Parliamentary freedom, Reservation

  • Minorities
  • Security Issues

    Repressive Security Laws, Encounter Killings, Forced Eviction Of People

  • Security Rights

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Journey through politics


SDPI formed

Social Democratic Party of India was formed and declared on 21st June, 2009


100+ Seats Gram Panchayath Seats Won

100+ Seats Gram Panchayath Seats Won


225+ Gram Panchayath Seats Won

225+ Gram Panchayath Seats Won


300+ Gram Panchayath Seats Won

300+ Gram Panchayath Seats Won

Our Leaders

Abdul Majeed

State President

Devanoor Puttananjaiah

Vice President

Prof. Sayeeda Sadiya

Vice President

Abdul Latheef Puttur

General Secretary

B.R Bhaskar Prasad

General Secretary

Afsar Kodlipet

General Secretary

Majeed Thumbe

General Secretary

Ashraf Machar


Shafi Bellare


Anand Mittabail


Khalid Yadgir

Vision & Mission

Walk on ideology with hope

The party is the representation of a new political vision for its people formed after a thorough study and analysis of post Independent India. It is a systematic and gradual evolution towards total empowerment of the poor and the downtrodden. It is struggling to provide political empowerment of the oppressed, weaker and marginalized sections in the country.

Growing Economy

Creating Jobs

Better living

“SDPI has been embraced by lakhs of Cadres & Members across the length and breadth of the state”

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