The report on Bangalore violence by Shrikant Babalady under the nickname Citizen For Democracy was totally prejudiced which camouflaged real factors. Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka State President Elyas Muhammad Thumbe reacted on the report and said this report is an effort to curtain the conspiracy and evil design of Sangh Parivar as the report does not spread light on the episode of Naveen’s postng of deregatory cartoon on Prophet and on back ground force behind such evil acts.

He said, no one can expect facts by the team of Srikanth Babalady as all members in the team were either have the background of BJP or Sangh Parivar. The report does not speak about the pitiable failures of the government and the police and ridiculously dragged the name of SDPI and PFI. In fact, on the day of Incident the local SDPI leaders along with the police were relentlessly tried to pacify the furious crowd. However, the people aware that the police fixed them in the incident under the abetment of state BJP government. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe cautioned and said the reports like Srikanth Babalady is very harmful to the state and people as well, which impawn its self-consciousness and feeding utmost lies.

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