Irshad Ajjindka

President, SDPI Mangalore (Ullal) Assembly Constituency

Ismail was the candidate of SDPI in the Presidential election held for Talapadi Gram Panchayat which comes under the jurisdiction of Ullal Assembly Constituency. SDPI Assembly Constituency President Irshad Azzinadka has asked people not to fall victim to the rumors about Talapadi’s victory. Talapadi Gram Panchayat has 13 members from BJP, 10 from SDPI, and only one from Congress out of total 24 member strength. When the election came up, the strength of SDPI members was nine because one member of SDPI member was performing Umrah with her family. There were discussions about the BJP candidate being elected unopposed because BJP had a clear majority there. SDPI decided not to concede to BJP unopposed but to field a candidate and sought support from a candidate supported by Congress. The Congress-backed gram panchayat member indirectly supported the BJP candidate by not participating in the election process. On this occasion, SDPI did not enter into any agreement, negotiation, or compromise with any other party leader except Congress or any of the present BJP-backed gram panchayat members in the election fray. But during the election process, the two expelled members of the BJP voted for SDPI and the calculations made by BJP and Congress did not work for them. In the end both SDPI got 11 votes and BJP also got 11 votes. If Congress had voted in support of SDPI, SDPI would have won. But when there was a tie, the election officials decided to elect the president by toss. Ismail, the SDPI party’s candidate was lucky to win by toss and got the post of SDPI President. This is the reality of the Talapadi President Election. Now some parties and media are sending the wrong messages to the public.

Yet the BJP member was the unopposed choice for Vice-President as there was no “Category B” woman member in the SDPI as the post of Vice-President was reserved for a Category ‘B woman’. SDPI will never make any adjustment or agreement with BJP. So the supporters of the SDPI party keep your support going strong and not fall victim to false propaganda.


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