Karnataka State BJP government decided to withdraw 62 criminal cases pertaining to Sanghi criminals. The list includes the greivous criminal cases of BJP MPs and MLAs and their supporters. State BJP government is protecting the criminals and miscreants of communal riots by withdrawing the cases including Mysore MP Pratap Simha, and BJP MLAs Renukacharya, Aanand Singh, B.C Patil and others. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe State President of Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka state said that peace, law and order cannot prevail in the state by such draconian Government. He said, Wolves are ruling the state in the guise of sheeps.

Few days back, State Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai was uttering a Bhajarangi goon publicly that “I will remove all cases against you”. In continuation of his utterance, now BJP government decided to withdraw criminal cases of Sanghis. In the earlier instances also the BJP government withdrew greivous criminal cases of Sanghis. The cases on Sanghi goons who burnt the car of IGP in Karwar and assaulted the driver in front IGP were also withdrawn. This proves that the BJP which siphoned the power through hate politics and divisive communal tricks can stoop to any low to safeguard it’s power. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe call upon the people to aware of this government.

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