Bengaluru: 25th June 2021It is almost more than one and half month, since the 2nd May tragic incident at the Chamarajanagar District Covid Hospital where due to shortage of oxygen, many lives were lost, but till now no justice has been delivered to the deceased or their family. Social Democratic Party of India has been fighting for their justice continuously since the day of the incident.In a press conference, Abrar Ahmed, SDPI State Secretary, criticized the government and district administration, saying that it is very reprehensible that the government is deaf & blind to the plight of these victims and their families. It is unfortunate that, in spite of Justice Venugopal’s preliminary investigation report that the lack of oxygen was the main cause of the incident and that 36 people were killed in the incident, till now no action has been taken against the culprits, and moreover nobody is been held responsible for this whole tragic incident. Also, the report clearly says the district administration failed to deliver oxygen in advance and also alleges that the documents were twisted after the incident to suppress the real fact to come out. SDPI from the beginning is demanding action against whoever is responsible for this grave negligence should be punished and victims need to be properly compensated. But, the State Government seems to be least bothered about this whole incident and doing only damage control stunts. “This is very shameful,” and the government should immediately break its silence and should ask District incharge minister to resign and take appropriate action against those responsible for the incident, including the Chamarajanagar district collector.SDPI will continue its fight and today’s news conference is also an ongoing part of the struggle. We also warn the government that we will continue to engage in various forms of agitation on behalf of our party till the justice is delivered. Addressing the press conference, Chamarajanagar SDPI District General Secretary Mahesh said more than 50 per cent of the victims are from the SC/ST community. Therefore, State Govt should provide a government job to the family of the victims. Those present at the press conference : –▪️Abrar Ahmad, State Secretary,▪️Akram Hasan, State Media Incharge,▪️Kaleel Ulla, Chamrajnagar District President▪️Mahash. M, Chamrajnagara, District GeneralS Secretary▪️Rajendra Babu, eye witness of the incident ▪️Victims Family members of the incident… #Chamrajnagar #OxygenShortage #COVID19

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