18 Sep: SDPI celebrated Ramaswami Periyar’s birthday as ” Periyar’s thoughts remembrance day” in SDPI State Head office . Party leaders and other organizational leaders were present and they spoke about his personality and revolutionary thoughts. When dalits were treated lower than the animals in Tamilnadu .They were not even allowed to wear slippers Dogs were preferred to be fed in plates rather than dalits.said SDPi National General Secretary Elyas Mohammed Tumbay. Periyar rebelled against this bhraminical discrimination and became champion of dalit liberation.Although he faced many obstacles and hurdles he never looked back and fought for justice and equality of dalits. Said State Leader B R Bhaskar Prasad. Periyar ‘S struggle against imposition of hindi language is a known fact.He was a front runner in leading revolutionary thoughts. Said Prof Rajesh Reddy. Religions thoughts of Periyar were considered as discriminatory and degratory, however he acted and spoke according to the situations prevailing in his time. Said State Vice President in his Presidential Address. He urged the women to value their self respect.He said brahmins were more poisonous than snakes.He raised his voice against idol worship and blind faith.He led one of the most important revolution of our country, that’s the movement of self respect.. The Dravida Movement Said State Leader Ananda Mithabail. He was part of congress.However he left congress when he came to know it was pro Brahman party.His intentions were to bring out the youth from the fold of blind faith.He was the fore founder of reservation..Said State General Secretary Afser Kodlipet in his Welcome Address. Akram Hassan given Vote of Thanks. Akber Alimade moderated the Seminar.Nationel General Secretary Abdul Majeed Mysore, SDPI leadersfrom Different Districts of Karnataka Participated.

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