Press Release

Bengaluru, 20 May 2023: Congratulations to the newly formed Congress government and its Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar. Also, congratulations to all the ministers who have joined the new cabinet. In this context, the Congress party should fully fulfill all the promises given to the masses. Abdul Majeed Mysore, State President of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) party, in his press release, has demanded that people should not be cheated in the name of conditions.

The Congress party has made a lot of promises to the people during the election campaign. People believed in those promises and gave them the mandate. The most important of those promises are the Five Guarantees they gave. In the first cabinet meeting held today, Siddaramaiah’s government has given in-principle approval to these five guarantees. But these guarantees are being attached with unsaid conditions during the campaign. For example, the unemployment allowance is said to be for graduates and diploma students who passed out in 2022-23. So what should the youths who are struggling without getting a job after passing out in the past? Do they have to live in the same misery who have been struggling without a job for years? Congress should abandon the conspiracy to shirk from such a promise. At the same time, it has been said that the government may have to spend around 50,000 crores per year to fulfill these guarantees. People should be given clear information about where the Congress government is going to source such an amount of money. Because already the total debt of the state is around 5.64 lakh crores. In the past years, the Bommai government has borrowed around 3.22 lakh crores. Will they lend again to the new government guarantees when such a huge amount of debt is already there? Otherwise, from where will they bring such a large amount? Abdul Majeed said in his announcement that the state should not be burdened with unnecessary debts.

On the one hand providing free facilities to the people, on the other hand, the government should think about implementing schemes that can provide them with permanent solutions to improve their standard of living. For example, currently around 2.50 lakh government jobs are vacant. They should be filled within the time limit. Also, the terms and conditions for providing loan facilities to those who want to start their own business should be re-examined and the banking system should be made easier. Majeed advised the government in his announcement that the government should work hard to find a solution to the unemployment problem by encouraging self-employment.

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